Shakespeare By the Sea :) (at Hesse Park)
Not a very good picture (and was a struggle in itself just to get it) but this was the highlight on my whole weekend! Finally got to see Shailene and Theo! :) #sdcc2014 #divergentsdcc
Gladly spent $2 on a tea and some popcorn :)  (at Ralph’s Grocery Mart)
Happy 10th anniversary Lost! #sdcc2014  (at San Diego Comic-Con International)
Ran into a few zombies at the Walking Dead booth 💀 #sdcc2014 (at San Diego Comic-Con International)
My mom and I finally got our (cruelty free, of course) mouse skull rings today 😊🐭 thank you so much @kookiezjewelry !!
Yum!! (at Chronic Tacos Cerritos, CA)


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I guess I’m a LA Galaxy fan tonight and I guess I’m next to the LA Riot Squad 😊⚽️🇺🇸 (at StubHub Center)


Infinity On High in Snapchats

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if you are sad do not fear my friend I am sending puppies to help u


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Shout out to Ellie’s relative who fires a gun in church 

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