He looks so polite, like he just wants to stop by and see if you have anything for him.

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I will never let myself scroll past a picture of Walt and not reblog it. I feel like I’d be dishonoring him, and he’s just done so much for me that it’s just not right.

Mr. Disney
Can’t wait to start this! 😁
Picture from Disneyland yesterday 😁✌️ (at Disneyland)
Ready for poetry night at Sacred Grounds with a Thai tea, chai black tea, giraffe, and my laptop 📖🎤☕️ (at Sacred Grounds)

Touche Amore - Method Act
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Me right now

Banquet table
Mango shaved snow with bananas and yogurt chips and a snow cap 😁 with @wha teverles  (at Tasty Block Hawaiian Shaved Ice)


This Vine gives me life

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Sir, do you know why we pulled you over?

the dude who kicked in the windshield, also backflipped off the hood of the car. you know he’s waited his entire career to bust out those moves.

by Thaisa Fernandes
Love love LOVE my new Disney tattoos by the one and only @louieburger 😊🐭#louieburger #disney #tattoos